Friday, November 6, 2009


To make a chocalate cake is very easy. All you need are wheat flour two glass, warm water one glass, sugar one glass, cooking oil one glass, egg as much as our seed, a small spoon backing powder, soda bicarbonate, chocolate and margerine enough.
Firstly, break four egg seed and rotate it use mixer until expand. When it already expand include wheat flour, warm water, sugar, cooking oil, ee, backing powder, soda bicarbonate, chocolate, mergerine and mix them all until integrated.
Second, put the mould into brass either round, square, love and others but before include that mould make sure waxed paper or margerine has in put into that brass so that cake will not stick when already cooked. Afer that put the brass into pot.
Third, make sure fire in average condition because when the fire to small it will late ripe but it the fire to big it will burnt. After half an hour checked the caka whether already cooked or has not been. If the cake unripe, start fire and wait during five minutes. Repeat that process until the cake ripe.
Next, when it already cooked take out that brass from pot and take out cake already cooked from brass. Cut that cake to two part. Put top part beside. Then put chocolate to all cake part and put again top part and pit chocolate again to all cake part.
Then, put colorful sweet above cake as ornament. That cake should in dry off so that it able cut nicely. When it already dry, cake that small so that hve been eaten easily.
Finally, clean the place that we used for making the cake. Slices of the cake and serve obove dining table so that everyone can feel that cake taste.


affendik? said...

alhamdulillah, a very delicious cake i see here.
good effort on writing the procedures of baking you cake.
let's improve our English together =]

affendik? said...

sorry, typo mistake. 'your' cake, not you cake

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