Monday, September 28, 2009


In come off 19.09.2009 me with my cousin Noraisyah Nordin departs from hostel at seven o’clock in the morning go to Langgar station. Bus we ride have not emerged whereas our watch have shown time at nine o’clock in the morning. So I ask the girl I infront of me about which bus will go to the Butterworth. That girl said that bus have not come yet. Half an hour later announcement was made that bus go to Butterworth be in station five. We walked hurry to the bus direction immediately. When we rise to the bus we proceeded seat on 9A number 's seat and 9B like those written in our ticket. After half an hour the bus moved I sleep but no asleep because his chair form unlike usual chair we used. When I suddenly woke up, Aisyah grumbles of her condition of chair. Apparently not only me those feel the feelings. In fact Aisyah tells me this bus is were caught in traffic congestion in Kota Bharu just now during an hour’s. About four o'clock in the evening we reached in station Butterworth at station 21.

When we came down from our bus we take our bag under bus and find people who should invited us but we not see they around. I called they to asked where they now. They order us to wait in station six. Reach in station six suddenly someone hold my back, with the shocked sentiments I saw at back and I saw my cousin sister. They play we from just now. In fact they has seen we but they only want play we but we make it just like normal, we not angry with them. Destined for Serdang we had elapsed 2 tolls.

In Kulim we stay in our cousin sister house named Tarita Del Reo called Kak Endeng and had husband named Suhaimi Adbul Hamid called Abang Mie. They having three sons. First is Mohd.Ahnaf Taqiudin called Udin, second Mohd.Ahnaf Tarmizi called Mizi call and youngest Mohd.Ahnaf Taufiq called opik. They has two house, one in Somme Estate and second in Serdang. House in Somme Estate was the house for staff work in office only and to Sime Darby Plantation Sdn. Bhd 's bosses.

About seven o’clock in the afternoon we get home at Somme Estate because journeying from Butterworth to Serdang takes about an hour's. We was lated because we go to bazaar ramadhan to buy food to breaking the fast because no enough time to cook. Reach in Kak Endeng house in the Somme Estate we served the meal that we had buy just now. At evenings we breaking of fast, after that we leave for house in Serdang to celebrate Eid tomorrow. Distance between two the house about only five minutes.

In first Eid after Eid circumucision prayer we celebrate to Kak Endeng husband 's grandmother house, auntie Andak and Kak Endeng in-laws house. After from Kak Endeng in-laws house we stay at house serve guests who come unremitting. Most of the guest who come is children, friend of our nephew.

In second Eid we go to Kg. Kula Muda Bukit Meriam to Kak Endeng boss house called Tuan Kecik. After from Tuan Kecik house we go to Pantai Merdeka. There we take some picture for memory. After from Pantai Merdeka about four o'clock in the evening, we go to Merbok to Nurul 's Wathiqoh house to celebrate the eid. Destined for Merbok we see two car accident in distance about 500 metres in Merbok jetty. Reach in Merbok town I called Nurul, she say that she were in Sungai Petani now. She ask we hang on. So we go to museum but museum close so we go to Pusat Arkeologi Lembah Bujang in Merbok. Pusat Arkeologi have been lots sculpture we do not know what kind of the thing because it form is strange. In the Pusat Arkeologi have four temple namely Candi Pendiat, Candi Bukit Batu Pahat, Candi Pengkalan Bujang and Candi Bendang Dalam. We also take some picture so that can become evidence that we already go to there and as memory. In fact we found very beautiful and net waterfall, all of us craved want to bathe but situation never allowed because the place is so public moreover we does not bring spare dress. After visit that Pusat Arkeologi we go back to the town again for waiting Nurul and his family invited us. They reach use blue Honda, we even follow they from back used our own car. Reach in kampong Merbok at home Nurul we are served with eid cakes, pressed rice, bean gravy Jawa and others. After that we back to Serdang again. Reach at home everyone sleeping. All felt exhaustion immensely.

In third Eid we celebrate youngest child birthday, Opik. In early morning only bosses Kak Endeng who come and few Opik friend but in evening side our house is full with friends opik, neighbours, and our family. Council initiation with prayer reading by Kak Endeng father-in-law. Completed the prayer reading all children who come race want cake and sweet was provided on top of the table. After all guest back we go to celebrate to neighbours house because in first eid and second eid we busy celebrate the eid.

In fourth Eid we only rest at home because exhaustion from third eid still felt. After celebrate eid to our neighbours house yesterday we continue to tidy all parts of the house such as sweep, tidy the table , hall , kitchen and burn rubbish. We completed all the cleaned up before sleep.

In fifth Eid we go to cybercafe to print out catalog dress. After that we go to Bank Islam to open bank for loan PTPTN but unable because system bank hang. So we go to town in Kulim. We go to Top 10 Super Store, The Store and others to buy essential things. Get home at Serdang we rest first before go to home in Somme Estate to get things we needed for tomorrow. After from home in Somme Estate we continue to tidy our clothes for our bring tomorrow back to Kelantan. After completed tidy our clothes we see movie reach fall asleep.
In sixth Eid we woke up early and prepared to be back to Kelantan. At nine o’clock in the morning we go to Kak Endeng in-laws house as polite before going to bus station. Before reached at our bus station we breakfast nearby at the station. About 10 o'clock in the morning we reached at bus station. At 10.10 o'clock in the morning my cousin go up to the bus Maralinear to the Alor Star. We also go up to the Shamisha Express bus at 10.25 o'clock in the morning because the bus will leave at 10.30 o'clock in the morning to to Kota Bharu. Set off the bus continue moved I direct asleep because I sleep late yesterday. At 12.30 o'clock in the afternoon bus stopped in Kuala Krui ,Garik for lunch but I not aware until Aisyah wake me up for accompany she go to lunch. In the forgetful I just follow she. Me unconscious that we walk on highways. Suddenly I hear a person yelling ‘car' I direct stop. My good luck can stop before anything happen. Finished eating we want go to the toilet but the line too long so we cancel our intention, we keep going up to the bus at 12.50 o'clock in the afternoon. At 1.10 o’clock evenings the bus moving again but I cannot sleep whereas everyone around me already sleeping soundly aesthetical. When in Pasir Mas to to Kota Bharu very congestion road cause we late from time we should arrive. Five o'clock in the evening we get down from the bus at KB MALL. I called taxi who can send we to the hostel. About half an hour taxi come take us. On the way return to the hostel the taxi driver less impatient and press the brake on as one wishes his heart causes we nausea. Alhamdulillah about 10 minutes we reached at hostel. With our impatient feeling came down from the taxi to release our queasy feeling. Reach in our hostel we immediately go to the dorm to rest. In the night side I was ion my baju kurung for lecture for a week as usual because I cannot sleep. After ion my clothes I make mathematic question. Completed make the mathematic question I see the clock , the clock show one o'clock morning. By feelings drowse I go to sleep.

In seventh Eid me, Noraisyah, Samirah, Nabilah, Hairul Saunah, Faiz and Aidit celebrates to madam Fatihah house. At home madam Fatiha we served with cooked fish red, fried chicken and other and eid cake until our stomach not able to eat the foods is still on the table. Before eat the foods served we eat eid cakes and watch the television. At 3.40 o’clock in the afernolon we go back to the hostel. At night our dorm very noisy because all of us just came back from village respectively so many story we want shared with each other.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday we read related newspaper earthquake which occurred in Indonesia with strength 7.3 scales Ritcher. Disaster in West Jawa, the Indonesia estimated grazing tens life while more 300 again injured people.
Among those affected was Cianjur , Garut , Sukabumi , Tasikmalaya , Bandung , Bandung , Bogor West and Ciamis. The terrible destruction also destroy houses, foods and shelters on roadside.
All villagers not only were moved because of their house damaged but also they still surprised and fear. More than that, when as many as 42 victims not yet found after the earthquake incident also causing landslide in Cianjur district , about 60 miles from Jakarta.
Population in several affected district also broken down in communication with family when communication line disorder appeared in few hours. Even more worse, rescue team direct could not detect inhabitant's condition in beach environment because broken relationship further.
In the vicinity buildings Indonesia also experienced checkers tremor made people in town Jakarta surprised and panic. We were understood about 38 population in Jakarta critically injured. We also sense pain although we do not experience the terrible event.
We hope public give their hand to help those victims with donate some money, clothes, foods, medicines and stuff and stuff. Wish these contribution can make them relieve from their burdens.
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