Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Tomorrow tracking class will going to Gunung Tebu after Asar at five evening. I hope we all would be able to climb Gunung Tebu so that get see ALLAH creation and get ALLAH willingness and getting good result in final exam... If we failed to climb Gunung Tebu we have to repeat in semester four so prayer for all of us, easy and success to climb Gunung Tebu.

In evening just now my mother call me and tell that girl who study at private college in Kota Bhatu raped during she having a bath in hostel.The girl parent claimed that college as much as five million. And another case, thirteen-year-old child' also raped and child' father are police also in Kota Bharu... Actually not everything my mother tell me I can remember, but just important idea I remember he... he... he.... That most important advice from my mother was do not go out if don't have anything important thing and do not go out if I don't have any friend...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Online Forum ( Posted by Hairul Sa'unah Bt Kassim on March 7, 2010 at 12:05pm in General Announcements & Discussions & Correction by Izudex)

Our prophet has decreed that that : "10 people his prayers do not fly by Allah SWT, about :

1. A Man who work prayers alone without read through something such as zikir.

2. A man who work prayers but does not fulfill zakat.

3. A man who became 'Imam' but people who follow him hate him.

4. A man who always amuse or enjoys

5. Man who drink a booze but never want to leave it (Repentance).

6. A woman scolded by her husband.

7. A women who work prayers but does not wear scarf.

8. Arrogant imam or leader and a cruel abuse.

9. People who love usury.

10. People who work prayer but his prayer do not able to hold him from doing something ignored and sinful.
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